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Rapid optimization on Android in the event of a suspected bug  (applicable to all your applications) :
Follow the battery optimization procedure
Make sure you have updated your application and your phone's operating system.
If the problem persists: Contact us at




Our values: Caring, Protecting, Helping and Sharing.

Application access

Each application registration is subject to a double authentification check to ensure maximum platform security.


Any malicious behavior should be reported immediately by email: or directly on our social networks by PM to  @jointhesorority


Anyone not respecting the values of the community will be banned from the application.


You are the victim of an ongoing assault:

  • Launch the ALERT

  • Respond to CHAT messages (and calls) if you can, providing as much information as possible (immediate danger, precise location (visible on MAP), address, access code, floor, apartment number, number of people present at home, etc.)

  • Contact the authorities if you can via the USEFUL NUMBERS in the ALERT screen (or ask a user to do it for you via the CHAT): 17 (police : in case of immediate danger), 3117 (RATP / SNCF Security), 119 (child in danger), 114 (SMS alert number), 3919 (women victims of domestic violence), etc.

  • Stare at someone who sees you. Ask-them directly for help (see our posts on the witness effect and what to do), and don't hesitate to call out, point shout, and draw attention to yourself : An aggressor doesn't want to be in the spotlight (see our dedicated post). Behave in a way he doesn't expect. (see our posts on the staggering effect).

You are witnessing an ongoing assault,  received an alert notification or a message requesting help:

You receive an alert message: Geolocate the person via the MAP and try to contact them via the CHAT to collect as much information as possible (call possible if they has entered their number and are able to answer). Get to the point as quick as possible: immediate danger, address, access code, floor, apartment number, number of people at home, etc.

No alert has been issued, but an assault is happening in front of you: Launch the ALERT yourself on the app and communicate with the users who contact you so they can act alongside you.

  • Ask for help and stay close: never put yourself in danger. Do not intervene alone. Alert others and find kind passersby to accompany you.

  • Call the authorities: Through the ALERT function: Find useful numbers in CALL AUTHORITIES. Depending on the urgency of the situation: Contact 112 or 911 (police: in case of immediate danger), 3117 (RATP/SNCF security), 119 (child in danger), 114 (alert number by SMS), 3919 (support for women victims of domestic violence), etc. Share all the information you have collected.

  • Whatever happens: stay in contact with the user via CHAT (calling is possible if she has provided her number and is able to respond) as much as possible and keep the authorities informed.

  • In the case of domestic violence at home (neighbors):

  • Ask for help from your neighbors (while following health guidelines) and go knock on the door of your neighbor who is in danger. Try to make contact: this can destabilize the aggressor in an indirect way (asking for information, needing a favor, etc.) or directly (you have contacted the authorities and are keeping them informed).


  • Stay alert to all noises and events, regularly ask for updates via chat or directly from your neighbor. Seek assistance from other kind neighbors.

The objective is to put an end to the aggression. As soon as possible. Before it is too late.

Thanks to our action. Our solidarity. Together.